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“If only I could practice based on the tests of previous years. What is possible, on the other hand, is to prepare with the help of information sheets drawn up by the Cantonal Orientation Office with the collaboration of professional circles. These sheets, which provide useful details on the content of the main admission exams organized in the canton of Vaud, can help candidates to overcome their apprehensions.

Different types of exams

When the training places available are fewer than the interested candidates, certain examinations may take the form of a competition . This is often the case in technical or applied arts schools. In other examinations, called “threshold”, candidates must reach a certain number of points, the bar of which may represent the level of the end of compulsory schooling or the average level required by the association or the company.

The results communicated are presented in various aspects, depending on the type of examination: for example, a ranking for a competition, a total of points for a “threshold” examination, or even a notation, as at school.

What to expect?

The exams focus on the skills required by the job in question:

Technical and manual occupations require mathematical and reasoning skills, as well as practical intelligence.

Business professions value language skills and written communication ability.

The health and social professions value interpersonal skills, relational skills and oral communication.

Some apprenticeships require knowledge of German or English, others in both languages. German can be part of basic courses for professions in commerce/office, retail, tourism or graphic arts , for example. English is an essential branch in most technical professions (laboratory, industry, IT, multimedia , etc.).

If it is not necessary to have prior knowledge of the trade, it is nevertheless good to know, for example:

a few vehicle brands if you are interested in automotive trades,

some capitals or destinations when you are aiming for training in a travel agency,

some species of trees if you dream of working in a wood trade,

some electricity measurement units when you want to start a profession in electrical engineering,

some kinds of cosmetics to show up for training in body care etc.

Prepare for admission exams

Two kinds of tests depending on the case

The school tests examine the knowledge acquired in French, foreign languages ​​or mathematics. You can revise these notions. Questions of general culture sometimes complete the school part. These may be questions relating to history, geography, science or even current affairs.

The exercises below are intended to show you the type of review needed by providing examples of questions you may encounter. Indeed, it is risky to take an exam without first checking that the school notions supposed to be known are still in memory.

If they have no test value, these exercises allow you to familiarize yourself with this type of test by putting yourself in a situation.

Written French exercises (PDF, 281 Ko) (for commercial professions)

Math exercises (PDF, 314 KB)

Mental calculation exercises (PDF, 232 KB)

English exercises (PDF, 325 KB)

German exercises (PDF, 365 KB)

English and German exercises (PDF, 297 KB)

General culture exercises (PDF, 344 Ko)

The so-called “psychotechnical” tests aim to assess speed, concentration, logical reasoning, spatial representation, verbal comprehension and memorization. Unlike other tests, you cannot prepare for these tests, which are not based on academic achievements. On the other hand, it can be useful to become familiar with certain types of tasks. Indeed, the tests being timed, the time factor plays a big role. It is better, for example, to skip a difficult question rather than to want to solve it at all costs, and to treat in priority the problems which seem accessible.

Psychotechnical exercises (PDF, 1.00 MB)

In order to benefit from a maximum of knowledge at the time of an exam, it is worthwhile, if possible, to present yourself after a few months of the 11S year program.

During an exam, you may be surprised to find questions about concepts you haven’t seen before. Focus on what you know .

Preparing for the aptitude exams can take a few weeks of work. Also plan the necessary review time before registering.

Links on this site

Registration deadlines and content of admission exams organized by schools and associations.

Other references

You will find French, mathematics and general culture exercises on

For foreign languages, you can test your level on certain school sites.

For mathematics, you can practice on .

You can also get the Bled training books, “Spelling, grammar, conjugation” (13-14 years and 14-15 years), Hachette, in bookstores. , to practice on the basis of the language manuals used in class (Access by password, to be requested from the teacher).

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