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A little effort: these are rather easy resolutions to keep, and if you put them in place from the start, when you are not yet “in the juice”, they will be all the easier to keep.

1- I give meaning to my Terminal year

In terminale , we do not work to get good grades and thus meet the expectations of teachers or please parents, but to get the Bac and therefore be able to follow the path that interests you. It’s about giving meaning to this year. Knowing why you’re spending all that energy helps keep you motivated, even when the pace picks up and the grades you’re hoping for aren’t there. If you don’t have a specific project yet, don’t panic, go to orientation fairs , for example .

2 – I set myself realistic goals

If setting goals is essential, setting the bar too high is the best way to not achieve them and therefore to increase stress , which is obviously not the goal. Goals should be realistic. For example: participate more in the oral , raise the average in English by two points, obtain a better mark at the next geography test… Small daily successes, nothing like boosting morale and progressing!our Studyrama Higher Education fairs organized throughout France.

3 – I adopt the right rhythm

I go to bed at a reasonable hour and I sleep 8 hours. No, it’s not wasted time, it’s on the contrary during the night that everything that was seen during the day is assimilated. Creating a studious atmosphere is important, to each his own. The work must be done in peace , so no console or telephone nearby.Whatever happens, I finish the task started!

4 – I am attentive during class hours

Listening carefully is essential, as is copying your lessons legibly. Not understanding a title, an explanation, a formula… happens to everyone. Immediately ask the teacher for clarification. There are no stupid questions and tell yourself that you are certainly not the only one who did not understand. If you accumulate misunderstandings, it will be difficult to go up the slope at the end of the year for the Bac . Finally, take good notes of the answer that the teacher gives you!

5 – Once at home, I keep the rhythm

At the beginning of each week, draw up a schedule for the following days. Then each evening, establish the same ritual: proofreading of lessons, correction of spelling mistakes, checks of formulas… When you write your revision sheets , they must be synthetic in order to be read easily and therefore perfectly memorized.

On the weekend, take stock of the week and take the opportunity to fill in your gaps and also organize the work that awaits you for these two days. The wisest thing is to start in the morning and/or at the beginning of the afternoon if necessary.

Also think about the fact that the holidays are made to rest, but also to… work. Plan your revisions¬† !

6 – I work on all subjects

Working only with materials with large coefficients is a mistake. Materials with lower coefficients should not be neglected, as they can often offset a disappointing result. They are also important for the school record. A candidate for a preparatory class or a business school , who obtains good results in French for example, increases the chances of integrating the establishment of his choice. Also work on the optional options, they can earn points .We repeat ourselves, but don’t miss out!

7 – I revise for the Bac from the start

The quantity of information to be acquired is significant. It is therefore imperative to work seriously from the start , so as not to drop out of a subject, even if the deadline seems distant. If you go too long without reviewing a course, you will forget what it was about and it will be much longer and more complicated to start everything from the beginning.

During revisions¬† : resume your lessons and your sheets, mix proofreading and exercises in real conditions with the annals …

StudyBac: a collection to learn and revise differently!

PNG – 46.2 kbSerenely revise the subjects of the common core in Terminale class: the Study Bac collection takes care of everything! Scientific education, English (LVA), history-geography and philosophy: all the common tests are dealt with in a clear and fun way… the opportunity to prepare as well as possible from the start of the school year!

8 – I allow myself breaks

Even the most motivated student cannot maintain an optimum level of concentration for a whole year. Taking breaks is a must. The brain needs it. Again, this is not a waste of time, but to recharge the batteries to restart fully.

During periods of cramming, it is therefore also necessary to allow oneself moments of relaxation (cinema, shopping, etc.).

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