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Teachers are an excellent profession . Therefore, they expect society to recognize their sacrifices and efforts. Moreover, their passion for their students does not end when they leave school . In this article, we present what teachers want the general public to understand about the teaching profession.

1. We do NOT have a summer

The teachers would really like people to understand that we don’t have a “summer”. In reality, summer is often spent taking classes, researching new strategies, buying supplies, and creating a better room setup for learning.Just because we’re not in class doesn’t mean we’re not working.

2. We are emotionally invested in every student

We emotionally support over 100 children every day and have nowhere to store this emotional baggage. We worry just as much about our students at night and on weekends as we do during class. We need a healthy way to carry that emotional burden that comes with teaching.

3. Teaching is continuous

Teaching is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . We never stop. At the store, at home, on vacation, with family, on weekends, whatever. Our students are always in our thoughts. We are always thinking, we are planning, we are worrying, we are hoping, we are adapting. It never ends.

4. Assessments have an impact on teachers and students

Assessments have high stakes that make it difficult for students to learn. We try to develop their knowledge of quicksand. The rhythms required following the establishment of assessments by the State make it impossible to provide education adapted to each student!As a result, test anxiety is on the rise.

5. We ALWAYS think about our students

During the holidays, teachers send messages, discuss with their colleagues how best to teach students. They are constantly looking for better and innovative teaching methods.

6. Teaching is NOT babysitting

Teachers want to ensure that those outside the profession recognize how crucial and important the responsibility entrusted to us is.

Teaching is not babysitting. It is a mentally and emotionally taxing vocation for every minute spent with the students.

People who think of teaching as a form of babysitting should spend time in a classroom.

7. We deserve to be treated as trained professionals

Just because you were in a class as a student doesn’t make you an expert in teaching: being a patient in a doctor’s office doesn’t make you a doctor. Respect us and trust us to make business decisions!

8.  We’re LITERALLY sleep deprived worrying about the students.

A teacher is someone who lacks sleep worrying about the children who are present in his class.

9. We don’t teach for money or praise

It is a very hard, thankless job with low pay.  Indeed, we love the students we work with. There is no doubt that it is worth it.

10. We have almost no chance of using the toilet during the day.

A teacher must ask permission to go to the bathroom so that they can ask someone to watch their class while they are away.Teachers joke about it on social media, but unfortunately it’s the reality.

11. We devote hours and hours to our work

There is no “off” button for the teacher. We work nights, weekends and despite popular beliefs, in the summer. We are always wondering about the best way to help our students, we wonder if we are doing enough and if our outreach is up to par. Everything is necessary and important, because it concerns our students, but it is also what makes this job difficult.

12. We have pressure from EVERYONE doing our job.

We live under the judgment of administrators, parents and students. It’s exhausting.

13. Teaching requires a wide range of skills

We are interpreters, confidants (“Tell me more”), trainers (“Let’s try together”), nurses (“When was the last time you vomited?”), lawyers (” Go ask the other child”) or even artists (“More glitter?” Note: never more glitter.).

14. There’s a LOT of paperwork to deal with

Teachers love to teach, but they would like people to know how much thinking, planning, and strategy goes into every lesson. In addition, teachers must manage all the administrative paperwork related to their profession.

15. Home life plays an important role in student success

A harsh reality is glaring in schools. Students who are loved at home come to school to learn. Students who are not come to school to be loved. Home life plays such an important role in student success that it needs to be highlighted.

16. When you are our student, you always remain our student

Once a child becomes your student, they remain so forever. 17 years ago, I had students who were 8 years old. Today they are now 25 years old and I still worry about them, celebrate their successes and pray for their future. I will always consider them my students, always.

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