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The Alice Smith School is the oldest British international school in Malaysia and, as such, has built up a strong connection with the local community over the decades. Our community service dates back over 70 years since we began in 1946. Since then, our community actions have helped embed a culture of kindness and understanding into our school’s ethos.

Our service development programmes across the age groups

At Alice Smith, we believe service learning is integral to a child’s development. That’s why we include service learning in our curriculums at both of our campuses. Students can be involved with activities to raise money for those in need, working collaboratively with each other to benefit the greater good. The goal is to aid local and regional community projects and help make a lasting difference in the place our school calls home.

Our primary school encourages a charitable spirit by running annual charity days. During these, our students can showcase their entrepreneurial skills via creative initiatives.

We also open up the opportunity to our  , where children, staff and parents get involved in collecting food and essential items. This supports the Orang Asli community and the Kechara Soup Kitchen Society.

Moving on into secondary school, the charitable spirit is still ever present. We organise an annual trips week, with the idea for students to offer service work. We encourage this to be sustainable and to raise the community’s social conscience.

As well as this, our   students are in charge of a yearly charity event. This evening takes place at a prestigious international hotel in Kuala Lumpur and includes high-end entertainment that brings together parents, teachers and local community members.

Student participation and community projects

One project we’re proud to be a part of is the Maekok River Resort community project. We’ve contributed to the efforts of the project since 2010. Here’s what General Manager and Director Bryan Massingham has to say about our work:

Huge benefit to the well being and education of the students.”

These projects help us to fulfil our aim to be active in the local community and encourage our students to work collaboratively to make meaningful change.

Finding the bigger picture

Our service learning aims to give students and teachers a better understanding of how to better the lives of others. Projects encourage students to be connected with the world around them and provide them with the opportunity to think in a global-minded way. In essence, we teach our children that they can make a difference in the world around them.

As well as benefiting the local community, our students gain a feeling of belonging via our service learning. They come to understand the importance of being respectful, community-minded and contributing towards the future of others.

We believe this gives them essential values and skills that will lead them to flourish in both their life and chosen career.

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